Music Video


Submitted by Olivia Materetsky


A Breath of Fresh Fire

Director - Nabeel Lokhandwala

Director of Photography - Gabe Taylor 

Producers Assistant - Sofia Spaziani

Recording + Camera Assistant - Vaughn William 

Camera Assistant - Curtis Desmith

Drone Operator - Caleb Nyhart

Lead Actor - Evan Kenny

Lead Actor - Riyaan Gunaratne 

Thought Actor - Landon Schopp

Thought Actor - Nicolas Ignsewski

Thought Actor - Christopher Swanson

Thought Actor - William Qian 


Kid Chrysalis: Butterfly Warrior

Writer/Director/Illustrator/Editor - Gabriel Joy Reid 

Background Art  - Gem

Voice Actor - Nazira Cisse

Voice Actor - Kathryn Corrigan-Hoaglin

Voice Actor  - Josh Ramirez

Voice Actor - Brendan Dervan

Voice Actor - Em Terhune

Voice Actor - Aisha Samake

Proofreader - Gaby Trinidad

Special Thanks - Anthony Fanticola

Special Thanks - Xinzhe Li


Sunday's Catch at Pleasant Lake

Writer - Kate Rivelli

Broken Lines

Writer - Armaan Sarao



Director - Jylah Bah

Producer - Ro Subramonian 

Writer & Actor - Adam Coussin

Actor - Lex Pappas

Director of Photography - Jane Doucette

Audio Recordist & Editor - Alleyna Pitaso

Audio Technician - Owen Mathay 


The Beatles and Beyond: A Lasting Legacy

Director, Writer - Clara McCourt

Writer, Camera Op. - Kaia Reed

Editor, Camera Op. - Luke Medalla

Production Assistant - Marisabelle Boschetti

Writer - Daniel Rateau

Producer - Mimi Freund